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Thread: Help!!!

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    Question Help!!!

    I got a venom 19T brushed motor. Did my break in and every thing. Went out running it got a little sand in it. So I did a rebuild like show'n in your videos and now it don't run. Even hook two D size batteries to it and it still wont work. what Did I do wrong please some one help I just got this motor it's only two days old. My old lady is getting piss off at how mine time I've had to get a new motor because the last 3 I've burned out. One stock motor and two Titan 12T motors. This one I got because I can rebuild it if something go's wrong. And now I'm pissed because I did and its not running why.

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    i had the same problem. check the timing you might have it off. some motors come with timing etched on the side showing. make sure you have those lined up. and also make sure you have the negative to negative and positive to positive.

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