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mamba monster battery connection
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Thread: mamba monster battery connection

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    mamba monster battery connection

    i recently bought the mamba monster brushless motor and i got it all together. when i tried to connect the battery packs sparks shot off the connector. do i need something else or what did i do wrong?

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    that is common in anything more than 4S, just the name of the game.

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    like jeremy said, as long as the battery doesnt instantly puff and heat up to really high temps(like it would if you connect wrong polarities) it should be fine.
    Thats what she said.

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    +1 mine does it all the time. 4s sparks a little, 6s the arc is a wee bit larger

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    yeah if it sparks and the battery heats up then you have the deans connector or traxxas connector soldered on wrong and you need to reverse the polarites if it is just little sparks then that it normal. When it sparks just a little and everything is just fine that means the it charged up your capacitor.
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