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Want to race my old Buggy
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Thread: Want to race my old Buggy

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    Unhappy Want to race my old Buggy

    I went to the hobby shop looking to see how things have changed and noticed the only things that have changed is lipo's and brushless and better slipper clutches,Oh and shaft driven four wheel drive is much better.
    Here is the rub I was told not to race my old 4w drive car because there would not be any replacements for it and it would not be as good the newer ones! I have a strong knowledge of buggy's the one that I still have won over 54 club trophy's and three Major Roar events back 20 years ago and from the configuration of today's mine is the same with all the same gears and all the stuff excepted for lipo's and motors. Oh and yeah that graphite is not as good as before seems they mixed fiberglass and carbon and it gives to much,but that is something that like to start a thread about later.
    I would love to get into this again and use my trusty car and not have to dump another thousand in parts and new car and I think I can make new arms and bash trans parts and I have already gotten a high end charger discharge cycler for all types of batteries up to 6s lipo's couple of brushless motors and three lipo saddle packs still not sure about the ESC I think Tekin or Novak X drive or maybe the new Mamba pro need more input yet on them just don't want to make a dumb move, so that is where I need some help from any one of you that race or just enjoy this hobby.
    Thank for helping

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    you are right on how they dont make things like they used to. but one thing what brand is your buggy?. because you can find parts you just have to look. but there is another thing. you car have been sitting for years right. well materials break down over the years and i think if you tried to race again your buggy might not it around to finish. what you should do id to go and take your car and give it and over haul. take it apart and tune it. then you should go and practice on the track and see if it holds up to the stress. if it does not then you might have to upgrade to something modern. i really hope this helps you out.

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    what kind of buggy do you have exactly?
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    if they are still producing it and makeing parts for it then it will still work but you might have to do some modifying for the new parts

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