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4WD to 2WD rc car?
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Thread: 4WD to 2WD rc car?

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    4WD to 2WD rc car?

    hi, I have a 4WD touring rc car and i would want to make it a 2WD touring. I removed the front belt and just let the front wheels rotate freely. Is this bad for the car? would i lose control of it? i have seen so many 2WD touring cars and im not sure if what i did was good or bad for the car. Running an ezrun 9t 35a setup in my car.

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    It might work but it will prob handle weird, becuase the motor and battery placement is optimized for 4wd. 4wd cars tend to push alot so alot of the weiht is moved closer to the front. RWD cars have most of the weight in the rear because if the weight was up front, the car would just do donuts. Also rear wheel drive onroad cars have almost no rear suspension travel. In order to get you car to handle properyl, you would have to fix all of these issues.
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    it wont hurt it
    it just means that the front diff is still connected and is spinning so it might slow it down a little bit

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