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Durability Bashing vs Racing
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Thread: Durability Bashing vs Racing

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    Durability Bashing vs Racing

    Hey Guys,

    Ive been thinking... There is a conception that Bashing is harder on our r/c vehicles than racing.

    When I bash its generally in open areas or my back yard that i know like the back of my hand.
    Latelty im finding that im breaking more parts on my local race track than bashing.... Am I the only one experiancing this???

    Im putting it down to when I bash there is generally nothing to crash into, but on the track there is just no room for error. The smallest mistake can cascade into a path of destruction

    How are u guys going, where do u break the most parts??? Extreme Bashing does not count, or bashing in a forrest full of things to smash into

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    i believe it. when you're bashing its usually in an open space. not a lot of solid objects to hit. the only time you're going to break is if you're jumping and crash.

    racing on the other had is a torture test. you're in an enclosed area, pipes, walls, sometimes poles, turn marshals, and other cars to collide with. there are also more obstacle's, jumps and corners. the car is never has time to relax.

    i can hit all my bash spots 50 times and not break anything (in fact i haven't broken a part in almost a year!). i haven't run on the track enough to have enough info to judge, but based off friends who regularly hit the track for test and tune nights, not a night goes by that one of them doesn't break something. (funny to, last time i was there one of my friends managed to case a jump which lead to a cartwheel and the motor in this SC10 hit the eject button. it just snapped both screws clean off)
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