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How often do you lose body clips?
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Thread: How often do you lose body clips?

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    Sheung Shui

    How often do you lose body clips?

    I know I am jinxing myself here, but in the six months I've been in "the hobby" I've yet to lose any sort of body clip. I'm surprised as easy as these seem easy to lose....but have been fanatical about keeping them in the same spots at all time. I thought perhaps in a "crash" or something I'd lose one, but not yet. Am I alone....or are have you do you guys ever lose these?

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    I loose them all the time. But I'm a basher so I crash a lot. Go figure. lol

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    lost 1 on my RC10T3 when i had it.
    after almost 13 years im still using the 4 original clips on my XXXT.
    iv lost 5 or 6 on my tamiya M chassis over the 13 years iv had it. all lost on the workbench. i also use a smaller clip on that car.
    didn't loose any on my nitro RS4 2.

    the secret is to put install them from the front (round end facing the front of the vehicle) and then lay them down flat on the body. that way they can't get snagged on anything and when you flip over going forwards it pushes them in rather than knocking them out.
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    Ive lost like 10 because on my car they are in bad positions and mine tends to flip over alot and they get snagged and ripped out in the grass
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