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Need help with the first RC purchase ?
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Thread: Need help with the first RC purchase ?

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    Need help with the first RC purchase ?

    I saw couple days ago in a store some big rc car and it reminded me of the love i feel for them It was a desert king rtr, for about 90 dollars. Don't want that one. I wanna buy myself a good one that will last and I don't have any clue what to search for or what kind of a car to get. I'm a total newbie. I'm from Croatia so there's not so many options. I found these cars - HSP XSTR PRO RC BUGGY and HSP BRONTOSAURUS PRO for about 285 dollars each. However, I see alot of you have traxxas and hpi cars. What's the difference and do you have suggestions ? Thanks. 285 bucks is alot so maybe something cheaper but I could buy for that price also.

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    I got a traxxas slash 2wd for my first electric rc car. I still have it. It also depends on what you're going to use it for, everybody says that the slash is good for bashing, but I race mine and don't seem to have any problems. You might look into a team associated. If you're going to race, I would say get a 2wd because they're a lot more fun to drive. I have the x-l5 and a nimh battery and am winning in the novice class. I plan on getting a lipo battery when I sell my sportwerks chaos. I might even get that on ebay today. It was my very first rc car. It would also be a good one to get, but mine is going to need a little bit of work because it's sat for a few years.

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    out of your two choices i would go with the brontasouras because you will have alot more fun with a monster truck than a buggy for your fiirst rc cause it has more ground clearance and its more durable. But for 285 or cheaper I would highly recomend the either the traxxas rustler XL-5, traxxas bandit XL-5 or the traxxas stampede XL-5. I have the bandit XL-5 that i converted to a brushless motor and ESC. I love my bandit and my best friend has a rustler XL-5 and he loves. But also look at the Helion Donimus 10sc or the Helion Animus 18sc or 18tr. I also have the helion animus 18sc and I love it for the fact that it is really fast and agile for its little size and its EXTREMELY durable. Ive never broken it and ive had it for almost 6 months and ive jumped it off my bed, halfpipe and ive crashed it down my stairs multiple times and ive only broken the body mounts wich i would recommend buying extra ones. So ya I would recommend the traxxas bandit XL-5 ($170) or rustler XL-5 ($176) or stampede XL-5 ($176) or the Animus ($100).
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    i dont like hsp becasue they arent the most durable and traxxas is the best brand because you can run it in water.its water proof. and you can get the brushed versions for around 200-250

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