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Thread: Would like some help on choosing first racing electric rc car

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    Would like some help on choosing first racing electric rc car

    Hi, I have a Slash 4x4 and I love it but i've been wanting to get into racing but I can't decide what rc is best for me, so that's why i'm asking you. I have been considering the Team Asscociated SC10 4x4, Losi Ten-SCTE, OFNA Hyper 10SC, Or the OFNA Jammin SCRT 10. I am not planning on being a hardcore racer maybe just a regular at the track. I also would like to do some bashing but not hardcore bashing just maybe going off small jumps, racing through gravel/dirt and stuff like that. Feel free to leave a response I would really appreciate it. Thanks

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    The Jammin SCRT 10 for sure, its the "raciest" of them all.
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    I would get a slash 2wd. I race mine and don't have any problems with it. It is also really good for bashing, because it's the same platform as the 4wd. It is really fun for racing I think.

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    i say the ecx torment but only becasue since it has a SUPER high center of gravity it will flip on to its wheels almost everytime. but a real truck is the ae sc10 4x4 or the losi xxxsct

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    Losi 10 SCTE

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    you already have a good starter for racing and bashing...why invest in another, If I were you look into the LCG chassis for the slash. Cheaper way to go then buying a whole new truck, but if you want a straight basher and a second race truck then keep your slash and pick up the sc10 4x4, i prefer the 2wd class but to each their own.

    AE has a great customer support as well as every shop I have walked into for parts have a ton of AE parts at the ready

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