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Thread: Tamiya TEU-101BK Flashing and Beeping

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    Tamiya TEU-101BK Flashing and Beeping

    Iv just put togather a TT-01 with a sport tuned motor,hobbywing speed controler from rcecho, JR R125 27mhz receiver, stock TTU-01 hand controler with 27.145 crystals and a venom 3000nimh battery. Iv tried everthink from changing controlers,radio gear and batterys but i cant get my ESC to work. It keeps beeping and flashing red Iv tried to reset the ESC but can not get it to work So if anyone has a manual or any advise what to do that would be great.

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    which esc is not working? the tamiya or the hobbywing? and does the hobbywing esc have three motor wires?

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