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Battery Or engine
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Thread: Battery Or engine

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    Exclamation Battery Or engine

    Hi all I have a traxxas ford raptor and it has a fareley new engine in it a 12 turn brushless one. And a 3000 mah nickle mettle batter and I'm getting terrible run times so I'm thinkin battery but no power and excelloration so mabey motor. Any advice is welcome!!

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    battery issue... try getting a good 2-3 cell lipo batt if your esc will allow it.... a 3000 nimh is nothing to the batts that a 12t brushless is made to run from. As you squeeze the throttle it draws power from batt, if your batt sucks and is low power there is nothing there to draw from acceleration or punch

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    getting a new battery would help a lot. your car cant handle a 3s. but i would look into a 2s or a 5000mah+ nimh. you can do both for a pretty low price now. you can get a brushless setup for around $100 and then a lipo battery and charger for around $70-80, but you need the new battery.
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    it really depends how much you want to spend....
    you would need to get traxxas plugs for the battery and charger
    check these ones out


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    Go to elementary school first and maybe thatll increase some iQ to help you on your problems

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