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No help???
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Thread: No help???

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    No help???

    Hey I need some help for my first rc Purchase but for some reason people view my threads but they don't reply. I just need a little advice. I'm a noob as you can see, but I want an electric offroad car truck or buggy. I would like to keep in around $200 for a rtr one. Also it needs to be able to take a I guess minor beating because I will be taking it to a dirt track but I won't purposely try to ruin it. Any suggestions?

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    I just replied to your personal message. Like I said, I'm sooo sorry for the late reply. I would recommend the Rustler. Thats what I started out with. Now I have a Rustler VXL, Slash 4x4, and Mini E-Revo VXL. I have some custom body pictures too. Just search Traxxas Rustler VXL Custom Body and Custom Slash 4x4 Body. You will see my Slash 4x4 and Rustler VXL.

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    hmmm... $200 is hard to do for a full RTR.
    maybe check out the brushed version of the duratrax evader ext2. it's about $130. battery and charger sold separately. you should be able to pick up a decent nimh battery and charger for around $50. it won't set any speed records but that will bring you in at under $200. it's also a pretty decent entree level starting point and you can hop it up as your skills and knowledge grow.

    but the best advice i can give you is keep saving. the brushless evader is $250, the brushless RC10T4.1 is $250. team associated just came out with an RC10T4.1 RTR that comes with a 3000nimh battery and a wall charger, that will probably come in at around $270 to $300. both of those are brushless and come with 2.4 radio's. they are just better more trouble free starting points.
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    for around 250 you could get any of the brushed traxxas minis. or ya, get the rustler vxl, its an excellent first car. Me and my friend both had one (its vxl now) they are very durable and there are lots of upgrades for it.
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    If you can afford to bump up your budget to $250, you could get a brushless duratrax evader which is reliable, fast, and tough. If not you can get the normal brushed duratrax evader ext which is still a good, reliable, and tough truck for around 120-150.
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    not as durable as say the slash... but its an easy to work on and reliable kit. and plus it a major name brand so parts will be easier to get the something no one has heard of.
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    In my opinion this kind of hobby requires a bit of money, first you should look into buying a kit rather than a rtr. Generally the kits are much cheaper for the reason you need to put your electronic's into it, you can pick up second hand electronic's piece by piece in time and still get around your price range.

    If your looking for under $200 for a rtr your not going to get a whole lot that will take a good deal of learning bumps. Here are a few options I would look into this is from Towerhobbies for could order from or look into where ever you would like, but just as a reference.... copy and paste link to your search bar**&P=TS**&P=TS**&P=TS
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