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1/16 E-Revo or Maverick Strada XT Evo S Brushless / nikko project
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Thread: 1/16 E-Revo or Maverick Strada XT Evo S Brushless / nikko project

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    1/16 E-Revo or Maverick Strada XT Evo S Brushless / nikko project

    Hi there,
    Im kinda new at this , i always loved rc cars.. i got some but nikko not great but nice.
    Im thinking in buying one but dont know what to pic, if 1/16 E-Revo or Maverick Strada XT Evo S Brushless, or another model but powerfull and rtr.
    My budget is 200.

    I have another issue to ask you guys , i got a Nikko Phoenix scale 1/10 same as this

    and i burned the board , so i want to buy all pieces beside motor to make it run even better thank stock.
    The engine is Mabuchi rs-540sf and i want to know whats the recomended Brushed Brush Speed Controller ESC ,stering servo and reciver that you guys recomend.

    From what i read esc need to have the Ampe value 20% more higher than motor but not sure if in stall or maximum.

    Dont want to spend mutch because also want to buy a 2.4ghz transmiter.

    Then maybe gona do small,shocks and so.

    Thanks in advanced

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    Here is what you gotta do. throw away the Nikko's and don't but them again. They are okay beginners cars, you cant find replacements or upgrades anywhere cause they are "toy-grade rc's". Buy the mini ERevo VXL instead of the Maverick BECAUSE the brand Maverick sounds like a Chinese brand (Exceed, Red Cat and a few others) and chinese brands are bad cause you usually cant find any upgrades and replacement parts are had to come by. The mini ERero VXL is 1,000,000 times better, durability, speed, replacement/upgrade wise. And you will also just flat out have more fun with it instead of the Maverick.
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