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Brushless or with brushes???
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Thread: Brushless or with brushes???

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    Brushless or with brushes???

    Brushless or with brushes???what's the difference?and basically concerned?and what are the advantages for a newbie?

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    The principle behind the internal working of both a brushless and a brushed motor are essentially the same. When the motor windings become energized, a temporary magnetic field is created that repels(and/or attracts) against permanent magnets.
    A Brushless is faster and has less maintenance as compared to brushes, A Brushed Motor has a rotating set of wound wire coils(armature) which acts as an electromagnet with two poles, while A Brush-less Motor uses a permanent magnet external rotor, three phases of driving coils, one or more devices to sense the position of the rotor, and the associated drive electronics.

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