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big bore shocks??
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Thread: big bore shocks??

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    big bore shocks??

    before i spend the money. what are the benefits of big bore shocks?

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    I have big bores on my savage xl and could not be happier with them.

    The shaft is,normally thicker which tends to bend/break less
    They weigh less than standard two shock setup and give better access to screws on the tvps.
    You can bash the ish outta of em
    And they just look awsome

    What truck you putting em on?

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    Noob here put em on my slash 4x4 working my way up to heavy bashing no disappointments so far. I think I have done some stupid stuff that should have broken them but didn't.

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    Go for pro-line powestrokes they are all aluminum, they have a threaded body so no more using clips to pre load them. I have them on my slash 4x4 and haven't had a serious problem with them. I have a ramp I jump my slash with and never bent one.

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    they are thicker and stronger than regular plastic shocks and they are usually higher quality.
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    some companies like traxxas and hpi put out big bores for their kits like the slash 4x4 and the savage, but some of the guys at the track like to put 1/8th scale buggy shocks on their 4x4 sc trucks. they have a tendency to be smoother then your traditional plastic body. as well most "big bores" are and upgrade so they will have a better shaft on them and aluminum bodies... if your gonna put the 1/8th buggy shocks on a 4x4sc try to get 4 front because the rear are just to long for a 1/10 scale... and well there is a little modification that is require because the body of the shock is so much bigger then that of the stock shock.
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    the difference between big bores and regular isnt very much
    the big bores have alumiunum shock caps, regulars do not
    big bores has titanium nitrate coated shafts
    regualars do not
    thats really the only difference between the two

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