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e revo parts
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Thread: e revo parts

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    e revo parts

    i am getting a erevo soon. trading it for my ofna 10sc.... but if you guys are wondering the effects of a certain upgrade on it ( this includes the merv got one to.) ill buy them test the hell out of em but them through their works take some video of them in action and report back to the group that has asked. so if anyone is wondering just let me know
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    id probably get some spare rear ring and pinions for both, and a spare wing, broke mine on my mini pretty easily... otherwise, their toughies!!

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    RPM upgrades: front bumper/mount - a arms
    aluminum upgrades: skid plates - body mount posts - driveshafts (for brushless) - sooner or later you'll break the chassis
    spares: spoilers - pushrods

    i think that just about does it, hope this helped!

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    Definately get some new tires. The stock ones are way too soft and rip up easily. They ripped up on me when I was pulling them off of the rim. I purchased some m2 Badlands MT 3.2" tires and I'm ordering the RPM Revolvers wheels. Great wheels, very very durable.
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    The most important mod on those is the shim the diffs, they need to be shimmed from the factory and you will take away alot of stress on the drive train, also you need to get the rpm a-arms and carriers, the stock will break on you eventually. Shock oil will help and a center diff will help as well.

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