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New Castle Creations probs
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Thread: New Castle Creations probs

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    New Castle Creations probs

    So I threw a 2400kv into my rusty and am have probs with it, it's way under powered like I cld run faster and I'm unfit. What's going on? Why would it be so weak ? My rustler is pathetic. I had the stock vxl motor esc in it and it flew... Now I put a motor in it that's supposed to be awsome but it's not..any help wld be appreciated. Thanks

    I am here: [url],153.044326[/url]

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    well first things first is that motor is 1/10th or 1/8th. if its 1/10th then its a very weak motor possibly made for crawling. the higher the kv the faster and the lower the slower not like brushed which is reversed

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    Higher KV Motors make more power, but Lover KV motors make more torque, Did you pair it with a castle esc, and which batteries are you running, you may be under powering the motor itself which would make it glitchy and not a good choice to use. Can you post which castle motor it is? And the Esc you run.

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