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truggy or monster truck?
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Thread: truggy or monster truck?

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    truggy or monster truck?

    which one is the best for bashing and racing??

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    Oct 2010
    both are good for bashing just depends on what you want and do with them
    Thats what she said.

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    E MAXX BRUSHLESS!!! I have a oldschool emaxx that had the twin titan 550 14.4 volt setup and put the vxl3s n it and it goes Nutz!!!!! and i water proofed the rest so its unstoppable!!!

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    If you want electric the Savage Flux is a beast, it will handle all the power with the castle ESC and motor, and it will be tough to bash on.

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    I would say for racing and bashing go with the truggy cuz the truck is gonna limit you for racing. I like trucks i guess but don't race either. So thereby go. I would say go erevo....

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    I always thought Truggys look awesome. and have better suspension if you want to dabble in some speed also. maybe that is way I was retarded and bought 2 8ight Ts I just got done converting 1 to electric waiting on 5s batteries in the mail. you know what is dangerous is an adult that has money and use to dream about RC cars as a kid.

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    both of them are not really good for racing because monster trucks have such a high center of gravity and roll easy and truggy have such a wide stance that if you hit someone elses tires you will flip
    but i recamend choosing a buggy or short course

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    If you want a little of both you could go with a brushless e revo.

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    truggy or monster truck eh? well truggys are excellent racers like the mugen MBX 6T and the HPI Trophy Truggy Flux. But truggys will also be goody bashers like the traxxas erevo brushless edition. And monster trucks are the best bashers out there. I would say for a monster truck get the Thunder Tiger MT4 G3 or the traxxas stampede 4x4 vxl. And for truggy check out the Traxxas 1/10 ERevo brushless edition or the 1/16 Traxxas Mini ERevo vxl.
    If nobody comes back from the future to stop you, how bad of a decision can it be?
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    It depends on what you intend to use it for.Truggys are better/faster around a proper race track because of the lower center of gravity and MT`s are better suited to general use/bashing,because of the bigger wheels n tyres on the MT they tend to roll like a ball when they turn over.


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