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Mini Revo to off road rock racer
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Thread: Mini Revo to off road rock racer

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    Mini Revo to off road rock racer

    I have a mini revo, im wanting to make it to a rock racer. Almost like a wraith or exo. What would i need to do to get this to happen? I have a vxl mini revo, proline titus 2.2 rims, proline dirthawgs, aluminum suspension knuckles, aluminum tierod/push rod set, wheelie bar. Im wondering what i could do. Something i could crawl with it but then drive it in a big field or track. Like a hybrid. Koh kinda...

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    try raising the suspension
    when you hit the throttle on it if tends to sag in the rear so if you tighten the rear springs and thicker shock oil in then that will solve that problem
    for wheels the dirt hawgs are fine for now unless you mostly crawl
    if you mostly crawl then look at the proline badlands
    im not sure if they have them out yet for 1/16 but if they do then get those

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