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e-revo brushless
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Thread: e-revo brushless

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    e-revo brushless

    what upgrades is mostly recommended for the e-revo brushless running on 6s?

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    RCN Moderator dizzyinzo's Avatar
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    Oct 2010
    cvds, and rpm parts preferably the A arms and later on if you break the knuckles get thous in rpm as well
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    okay thanks, what would be good types of tires to use? For mostly on road.

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    driveshafts, tires, a-arms, your probably gonna break your spoiler a lot but theres not much you can do about that

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    proline road rage (or race, idk) they're really cool!

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    I have been thinking of adding one of these beasts to the garage for sometime...just sooooo expensive..

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    the rpm bumber for sure. depending on the way u drive rpm a arms, for sure rpm bumbers and mounts. not right away but u will twist off drive shafts so upgrade to aluminum.
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