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Thread: Monster Truck Turning Radius

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    Turning in monsters are poor because the weight but they are fun trucks for bashing.
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    i they do beeacause of the wide front tires the wider the harder and if u took it down a inch or so it will turn sharper
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    for better handling, lower the COG, shed weight, get a better steering servo, and maybe even use a bec.

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    you kinda gotta remember monster trucks are just to mess around with.. i have seen few people race monster trucks... but with the right servo and setup, it could turn just as good as any 8th scale buggy

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    they all do but there is a way that you can fix it
    it probley wont work but you can try a plane servo
    it has more radius in turning
    not sure if it has the same amount of torque but you can look into it if you need to

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