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Rear Wheels
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Thread: Rear Wheels

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    Rear Wheels

    My sc10 came with a couple different rear arm mounts to toe the tires in at different angles. My question is, why toe the wheels in at all? Why would I change it to more or less degrees? Thank you!

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    it helps keep the car stable on dirt, if there was no rear toe the rear end would tend to wander. also the rear toe helps make the truck turn in better on and off power. generally most trucks will come with between 2-3 degrees of rear toe though u can reduce it to one if your running on higher speed tracks but 3 is usually the most u want for offroad or the truck becomes way to responsive. The sc10 is responsive enough as is imo.
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    haha ok thank you. Its at 4 right now haha. I might have to knock that down a bit. Thanks!!

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    the turnbuckles are easily ajusted to help that.

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    the stock middle hole is the best. even thought the outsides makes it lower i feel it doesnt handle as good.

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    if you toe in the rear wheels you get better traction with allmost any tire
    if you play around with different toe angles you can tell the difference

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    I've noticed that changing the toe doesn't have much of a difference. Wheels and tires are where it counts (PROLINE!!!!!!!!)

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