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Thread: sc10 4x4 or ten-scte

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    Quote Originally Posted by godofcable View Post
    im biased, but i would go with the SCTE. its just flat out easier to drive, and easier to work on.
    Not exactly, actually a 1/8 is harder to drive then a 1/10 in a few ways, and the scte drive train is alot more rough then belt not making it as smooth on and off power. The ae is also easy to maintain and comes apart in 3 seperate pieces so your not working on a chassis with extras in the way thats un-needed. Also the belt is more tune able then just diffs, ae has diffs and belt tunning and pitch/idler.
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    Have you driven the SCTE and the SC10 4x4? I have. The SCTE is MUCH easier to drive. The metal chassis puts the CG as low as it can get, making it impossible to traction roll. Plus, the stock setup fro the factory works very well. The sc10 requires a lot of tuning to get it to a point where you don't have to fight it. On top of that, the ncluded sway bars help keep it flat in the corners. Anyone who has built the sc10 (you'll see tonight if you're attending) will tell you they would HATE to have to change the servo in the sc10.

    My statement came from my personal experience. Owning the scte and having driven my friends sc

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    Sc10 4x4. 1 Lighter. 2 You only need a 540 motor setup so you will save money there. 3 It's not modeled after an 8th scale lol. Idk the scte is a freakin tank. Way too heavy. I ran one for a bit and sold it . Same with the Jammin SCRT10. They are just too heavy lol. The other option is going with the Team Durango. Another great kit. Just make sure you get the english kit manual lol. I got mine in german for the challange lol.

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    What motor and speedo are you planning to use?
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    a rx8 and the new tekin pro 4

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    Personally, if I was choosing between these two kits, I would go with the Losi SCTE.

    And this is the reason why;

    - Aluminium Chassis, you can't beat the good ol' 1/8 scale chassis platform. I think this is a key thing as it's going to keep your weight *Down-Low* and help you gain traction compared to a lighter kit, such as the Team Associated SC10 4X4.

    - Wider choice of 1/8 scale motors. With the Losi SCTE, you can fit almost any 1/8 motor as far as I am aware. I believe I have seen a Tekin T8 fit (though don't quote me) though the tekin sensored SCT combo will be an excellent combination from what others have said. With the SC10 4X4, you are restricted to certain sized can's. You may even have to mod the chassis to fit some* motors. This may or may not be a problem for you, but this all depends on what you intend to do with your Short Course Truck and how much power your going to need. It's arguable that the SC10 won't need as bigger motor as it's mainly plastic components and will be much lighter, however, I say get more than enough power for your application, and gear down and tweak around with your ESC settings and timing to compensate, (Lower temps, and there's always some more 'ooOmph! if you need it).

    - Ease of maintaining. As said already, I don't own this kit, it's just from what I can see from pictures and video's on the internet. The Losi SCTE is a 1/8 buggy/truggy chassis layout, with more room to work with. You have your Rx box down front with servo, shortly followed by your motor, and then on the other side from the back, you've got your ESC then of course the battery tray. In my opinion, this is a really key thing to have it nice, simple and easy to work on. The SC10 4X4 However is completely different which i'm sure you already know. It has the servo in a centralised position (like the T4/B4) which to be adjusted, a (pain in the ass) bunch of screws have to be removed to access it. This may be alright for some people, but personally, I would much rather have easy access, and only have to take out 4 mounting screws.

    - The Losi SCTE is 'Shaft' Driven, this will more than likely* provide you with snappier power delivery, and will again, most likely* withstand more torque. SC10 4X4 is Belt driven, which may be suited to your liking, but personally, it's not for me. I have had some experience with a HPI Pro 3 belt driven onroad car before, and believe me. THAT SUCKED.

    - One advantage the SC10 4X4 has over the Losi, is that it has the option to install multiple gears in side the f/r diffs, i'm not entirely sure what's what with this, but from what I understand you can run, rear only braking, AWD braking, or even slightly more power to the front wheels.

    Hope you choose wisely mate!

    Good Luck
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    Who's the Roar champ .. ?? and if weight is an issue ... [url=]BRCB2411 - CNC 7075 Lightweight Chassis for Losi TEN-SCTE[/url]

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    I think the scte's biggest strength is its weight. It is strategically placed to make it handle extremly well and gives it alot of bite in the corners compared to the sc10 4x4.

    If you look at the formula for friction you will understand why the losi handles better even though it weighs more.

    Ff = μ FN

    Ff = force due to friction (Newtons)

    FN = normal force (Newtons)

    μ = Greek letter “mu”, coefficient of friction between two surfaces (no units)

    If you have the same tires on both trucks, since the losi weighs more the tires create more friction or grip making it able to take corners faster and also since all the weight is down low in the metal chassis, the weight doesn't pull it out of the corner.
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    Keeping the rubber side down is key to winning any race.. and watching it in action will help you to see andersonwal point @ 1:56, you will notice how the losi is cornering better and quicker through the turns ..

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    i think i may have a simple answer for you

    look at things at this order:
    Local parts support
    what is winning at ur track?
    try to drive them each, every driver likes each car differently(for ex: im an AE fanboy, and ive loved the t4 for years... the new losi 22t... i have a feeling im gonna like it A LOT more than the t4)

    go through that checklist, as soon as u hit one where one beats the other.. go with that
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