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Your Vote Needed to help me decide on these trucks?
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Thread: Your Vote Needed to help me decide on these trucks?

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    Your Vote Needed to help me decide on these trucks?

    Well I been in and out of RC for year's and im back again,This time I want to get my son into racing who will be 11 in a couple of months. I decided I want to try Short Course 4x4. So I did some research watched some vids and reviews and for my pick im going with the Losi ten SCTE and possibly the slash 4x4.
    But I keep going back and forth Im pretty much dead set on the Losi for me,but thought the slash would be better for him as part's are much easier to come by around here.

    But as I bounced around some different site's asking this same question someone came up with a good point that I havent thought of,They said since we will be racing together why not get the same truck that way we can keep the same part's on hand and get to know the truck really well,tool's,part's wheels all interchangeable. It really makes sense and as far as money goes it will cost roughly about the same either way I go,So then I think im just going to get a pair of Losi's.

    LOL,then I do more research and watch more vid's and the slash looked extremely easy to fix and take apart and would make a good first learning experience,So then Im back leaning toward the slash again. I want him to learn and attempt to maintain this truck by himself and I just think it will be easier with the traxxas. I want to give racing a serious shot,but we will also be bashing around the yard when were not at the track,and people say with a LCG chassis kit the truck is really competitive once upgraded against anything. So just because it's a slash doesnt mean it will always has to be a basher,it can upgrade as he get's more into it. I had him watch vid's and read about both trucks,but the vid of the slash being thrown in the pool being waterproff kinda sold it for him.

    I wont be ordering for another week or two,this will be a xmas present "And yes if I go slash it will be the Platinum,as I learned from watching your vid"
    So I figure I would join a new site and see what the good people here have to say about my choice and also would you like to say if you were me in this situation would you buy the slash or the losi for the boy? Thanks!

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    As we have both, I can answer at least from my own experience. Parts availability is a big deal, a huge deal, especially if you want to bash. If you want to look into racing stick with the Losi, the SC10 4x4, is a great racer to consider too, but forget bashing with it

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    i think that the better choice is the traxxas slash 4x4 because parts are cheaper and easier to come by and in my opinion i think the traxxas slash is more durable that the losi scte

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