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Thread: hpi fans welcome

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    Feb 2012
    I just ordered a Baja 5SC, can't wait for it to get here so I can drive it!!!

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    May 2011
    I have had my blitz for over a year (brushless with a 1410) most of the time. Just had my first part that needed to be replaced. Had a series of bad landings and destroyed the rear bumper mount. I need to put new servo tape on for the esc (mmp), switch, and receiver. Isnt it weird that the only thing that isnt held on with servo tape other than the motor, is in fact the servo? Anyway, that was because of various reasons. Receiver was held on with electrical tape, switch was re applied servo tape, and the sticker came off of my mmp (servo tape is still on the truck but not sticky enough anymore). I am also re doing the battery mount with a velcro strap instead so it is easier, and can hold a bigger battery.

    Other than that, great truck! Bashed the hell out of it for a year and only had one real breakage.
    hpi blitz castle mmp and 1410 motor gens ace 5000mah 40c 2s
    merv vxl 3s lipo
    losi micro desert truck bone stock for now

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    May 2012
    Just got a used savage 4.6 and I am absolutely LOVING it!
    Will definitely be buying hpi products in the future. Way better than my traxxas stuff.
    Savage x
    Emaxx 3906

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    i have baught a hpi mini recon and seen the fan base and figured you guys would know where i could get a different body that will fit this chassis so that the wheels dont stick out farther than the body so it doesnt get caught on anything and what parts i could get to make it a little better any help would be much appreciated thanks, mark

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