Hi all, Heres my 1/5th scale baja 5bss that I built. I built the baja 5bss back in 2008 and its changed a lot since then, Now its called the baja 5bss Ultra-Wider, Its got a 29cc billet engine with 2mm+crank, V.2 dom silenced pipe, Enclosed clutch bell housing, Vented clutch bell, Gearing is 18-56, Nerf bars, V.2 Turtle pullstart, Alloy air filter, Craft werks roof light pod holder, FLM Ext alloy arms, (8 SHOCKS), Hostile alloy rear hubs, Alloy front hubs, GTB Hydraulic front brakes, the Rear width is 27" and the front is width 26", the Weight is 44lbs+

Here is a window mod I done a little while ago for my 5b,
so now I made one for my baja 5bss too, and I put in nice lights also.

Engine Cover Window.

I made some muguards for my baja 5bss,
Mudguards Part.1
Mudgurads Part.2
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZGQATo5cHw&feature=share&list=ULDZGQATo5c Hw