im seriously looking at buying the SS kit within the next month or two and i need a little info as iv never owned a 4x4 off road truck, or a monster truck, or anything that wasn't 1/10 scale, or anything with a brushless motor.
so i need to know if the set up im thinking about will work or not.

iv been looking at the Castle Creations 1/10 SV2 Sidewinder SCT 3800kV System. that thing going to fit and power this truck ok? ruffly what kind of torque and speeds can i expect from this system on a 2s lipo? i don't care if it won't do standing start backflips or go 100mph. im just looking for punchy acceleration and a minimum top speed somewhere in the low to mid 30's.

what steering servo would you recommend? iv always cheaped out on servo's. how much room is there for a servo in this thing?

tires. everyone says the stock tires suck. iv seen lots of people running proline badlands. but im looking for something a little more monster truck and was looking at proline masher 2000's. think i could make those fit and work without to much trouble?

what's out there for rims? i know the truck uses 2.2 wheels with 12mm hex. im looking for something a little more scale monster truck. what offset wheels will fit? will RPM Revolver 2.2 wheels fit?

iv herd complaints about the diff cups (mainly from the RTR owners). is chipping, cracking and breaking of the diff cups only an issue on the RTR or does the SS have the same problem? do i need to go ahead and harden them before i assemble it?