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Thread: HPI E Savage

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    its kind of a catch 22 if i stiffen the shocks then the truck bounces all over the place and usually lands upside down, lol. but ill prolly try the thicker oil anyway, im due for a good cleaning anyway.

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    It will only bounce around if you get too thick of shock oil like over 60wt. Try some 50 or 55wt all the way around with gold and tan springs. That should be good jumping.
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    To stiff of shocks and they are cheap. I advise go back to stock integy metals are weak
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    Hey guys. I am looking to get the HPI Savage XS Flux, but I have heard goods and bads on the truck. I have heard that the steering servo is weak and that the ESC will most likely burn out on me. I am also considering a Traxxas Slash 4x4 VXL, which I know is a great truck, but I have a Slash 2WD now and am selling it (I just want a 4wd, not 2wd.) I can get the Hpi for $298 and the Slash is $409 (it's almost too much for me to spend). SO, with that said, which truck would you get personally if it were your money and you were on a limited budget? I am having to save up the money to get either truck, and as of now I am thinking that the HPI is the truck I am going to go for. Also, if I get the HPI, I am going to get a LiPo battery (and I will need a charger with it). Which LiPo and charger combo would you guys get? Thank you for your help!

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    If yer an hpi and a flux nut try the mtg flux or Tue itbor set whatever it is flux. Itbis orange and Itbis only 329 and 3s.

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