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Slash 4x4 or Savage XS Flux?!
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Thread: Slash 4x4 or Savage XS Flux?!

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    Slash 4x4 or Savage XS Flux?!

    Hey guys. I am looking to get the HPI Savage XS Flux, but I have heard goods and bads on the truck. I have heard that the steering servo is weak and that the ESC will most likely burn out on me. I am also considering a Traxxas Slash 4x4 VXL, which I know is a great truck, but I have a Slash 2WD now and am selling it (I just want a 4wd, not 2wd.) I can get the Hpi for $298 and the Slash is $409 (it's almost too much for me to spend). SO, with that said, which truck would you get personally if it were your money and you were on a limited budget? I am having to save up the money to get either truck, and as of now I am thinking that the HPI is the truck I am going to go for. Also, if I get the HPI, I am going to get a LiPo battery (and I will need a charger with it). Which LiPo and charger combo would you guys get? Thank you for your help!

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    It's hard to go wrong with a slash 4x4 vxl, I mean the flux is sort of a different truck, it wont handle as much, but it will be'll maybe want a better servo in the slash anyway too

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    Heres my answer:
    1. Watch Jeremy and Brandon's review of the Flux XS on YouTube
    2. Watch Jeremy and Brandon's review of the Slash 4x4 vxl on YouTube
    I think that those 2 SUPER EASY steps will make your choise a butt-load clearer/easier

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    Those are two totally different beasts really. I have never been a big fan of the small scale trucks myself. My slash was just stolen and I will be buying another ASAP! this time I'm going platinum baby!! lol limited budget be dammed its a great truck.

    I recommend Gens Ace LIPO they have been very good bang for your buck in my experience. I am also looking for recommendations for a good budget charger/balancer so I hope some one chimes in on this.

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    I don't have that much idea about the truck but as I watched the you tube, I like Slash 4x4 vxl .

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