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Thread: savage xs flux turnbuckle issues

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    savage xs flux turnbuckle issues

    Hey everyone, thanks for allowing me to join in. i have a question for anyone who can answer. I recently purchased an hpi savage xs flux rtr, and im not happy with it at all. the issue with the turn buckle constantly popping off or coming completely off is really bothering me. has anyone found a easy cost effective solution to this? if so can you share please. i'm so close to popping this thing on ebay or craigslist. thanks of any help you guys can give

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    HPI makes some upgrades for it or you could try traxxas ones that will fit.

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    Alright mate I also had one but sold due to things going wrong with it all the time. Lol. Check out the squirrel on you tube he does everything you need to up grade the truck. Byron

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    Can you send me the link of that you tube if possible. So that I can see and grade the truck.

    [url=]estimation immobilière[/url]

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