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whats up with the blitz
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Thread: whats up with the blitz

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    whats up with the blitz

    i hear lots and lots of stuff about the SC10 from team assocaited and the traxxas slash. but i hear very very little about the hpi blitz. anyone got one one here (i know atleast one does) and whats you take on it
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    i heard it is temporarily out of production. because there comming out with a brushless version.

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    Really??? I got an Hpi blitz and this thing is just durable in parts with an awesome customer services. And now hearing its gonna come brushless just make me mad because i wanted to go brushless. But i can tell you that there newest model of the blitz will be water proof, 2.4ghz, and brushless with the new Sv2 marketed as the Vortex esc, and the 4800kv Vektor 4 pole motor. The blitz is a basher and a nightmare on the race track.

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