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Thread: Taxes!!

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    My theories work.. Some times.. I understand this is the introduce yourself section, but You guys talking about dead forums and such, I figured Id post a few oddball questions here rather than search for the correct section. Besides RC topic is RC topic. Right? So we all know in a hand full of weeks Im getting my first Nice electric RC. Honcho or wraith. And have already began on a backyard course. What do you guys have planned for your taxes. If youre a true addict you must be spending some of that $ on your hobby. And for those keeping up I added extra branches and am considering a strip of chicken wire. Looks great, will post pics when its done. Wheres my w2??? And guys, you better enjoy this years tax return. You never know what next year has in store for us all. The world gettin greedy.

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    As far as tax returns go, I too am looking to add to my fleet. My lhs is suppose to build a outdoor track about 30 min from my house. So I will be looking at buggies, truggies and possibly a SCT. I would like to be competitive. I do not want to convert my 4x4 stampede. I want it to remain a high flying basher.

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