Hey all.
I'm new to the RC world an I entered with the 1/16 summit. I have beaten and broken a large amount of parts. ( all with how I have driven it). I have been checking out a lot of video on YouTube and learned a lot of valuable lessons about how to drive it. I have only been in the hobby for just over a month and have put a few hundred bucks in repairs. ( I like to tinker so I like doing the repairs). Now I'm looking at upgrading to a larger scale. I know I like the hobby so I want to go bigger. I have checked out a few different models and I am interested in the 1/8 summit(1/10 or 1/9 what ever you want to call it). I like the locking diffs and the go anywhere capability. Anyway I'm open to suggestions on other choices and I thank you for any and all input I can get.