Ended up buying three redcat rs10 xt. Took them to B forest today. Lots of creeks!!! My two boys (13) loved them and are hooked. Im hooked as well. Ive already cut up my body really cool, and painted it dull army green. The boys want new bodies, but we havent got that far into it. Anyways, these trucks ran excellent. My boys were fairly rough with theirs. Everything ran flawless. So far Ive been through 2 battery charges with all three trucks. 1 with the boys as they do not live here so I played with the trucks off and on all week, and tested each one myself and of course selfishly picked out the one I wanted. LOL. No I seen no big difference in any of them other than the fan was different noise level on all three. I picked the quiet one. None were crazy just noticeable. The steering works excellent with the 4 way steering. On a 5 hour charge we ran the trucks for close to an hour. My battery lasted about 15 minutes longer than theirs which was a good example for me and my boys what happens when you drive wide open rather than crawl around. So yes I give up my battery and took pics and watched. But plans now are to buy about 3 batteries a piece and stock up on some small parts. The redcat trucks so far are perfect. Remember this is the first electric trucks Ive seen. Owned a gas powered traxis years ago. Not for me, too fast, and heck with flat grounds. I climbed some really steep hills today I didnt think the trucks could climb. I also went through some thick grass and leaves and was very impressed. Also I plan on taking the trucks apart and waterproofing them, as we avoided the water holes today. We crawled slowly through some very shallow water like 1" at most and was fine. Ill check back and if anyone seems interested lll post an update. Trucks are dirty tires mostly where it was slightly muddy. Ill really be glad when theyre waterproof so I can hose em down. I miss running them in the house right now. Maybe I should get the redcat SUMO for that. Anyone here have one?