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noob Turnigy 9xr or Turnigy 9x
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Thread: noob Turnigy 9xr or Turnigy 9x

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    Wink noob Turnigy 9xr or Turnigy 9x

    New here and needing help. I have never done RC of any kind. I'm disabled and use a power chair to get around. I have fell in love with the idea of the RC's plane and quad's since I can't get up and move around like I use to and with the FPV and ability to take video and photos would make it even better. I have to keep on the low end of the price range as my only income is disability from the Army. So I would like a Futaba 8fga or 8ja but that's not going to happen right now so Turnigy 9xr or Turnigy 9x whats the deal with them HobbyKing has the for 40/60.00 $$ US, also do you use a flight simulator program which one? I live in far western Oklahoma US. The town that I live in has a population of 300. So it looks like I'm going to have to use foam Planes and I will build some planes out of foam just to help keep cost down till I learn to fly and I'm not crashing all the time.


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