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iJumpRC - I make Off Road RC Jumping Videos :)
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Thread: iJumpRC - I make Off Road RC Jumping Videos :)

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    iJumpRC - I make Off Road RC Jumping Videos :)

    My name is Bryndon Smith and I am a fairly recent RC Junkie. I run a YouTube Channel called iJumpRC
    Like many of you, I had RC cars when I was a kid. I re-discovered RCs recently at 33 years old. Most of my adolescence, I was into Extreme Sports... Snowboarding, Surfing, Aggressive Inline Skating, BMX, Wakeboarding, etc... My desire to go off jumps, get air, "go big" never faded however with a mortgage, a wife and a baby girl, my desire to keep all of my limbs and vital organs in working order has tempered the amount of "EXTREME" I can actually put my 33 year old body through.

    For me, RC Jumping completely satisfies my need to "go big." As I began to make videos, I discovered that it also satisfies much more; shooting and editing theses videos to share with the RC world has been an awesome creative outlet and has completely reinvigorated my passion for shooting/editing. Thanks to YouTube, I have an audience to entertain and I am slowly figuring out how to show my videos to more of the RC community. I love making them, but with out someone to enjoy watching them, they are nothing.

    You can help give my videos purpose by checking out my YouTube channel and watching a few of my videos, I hope you will see my passion for these fantastic toys, and my passion for producing entertaining videos for YOU, the RC Fanatic!

    Drive on!
    Bryndon Smith

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    i seen your videos they are awesome. i really liked the one with your bandit going down the mountain bike trail. that was really cool.

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