When my boys were younger we had a couple rc10s that they bashed for a few years but that was late 80s. fast forward and now the grandkids want to try their hand at RC. we went out to the lhs and after trying a few trucks purchased two ruckus' and a torment and a few spare batteries. it is amazing how much tougher these cars are than I remember, and I just love the new esc's. Now it's time to get a truck for grandpa. I would like something 4wd and possibly nitro. I have no plans to race although we are building a track to play on.

while I was at the lhs I got some info that I found doubtful. when asking about longer runtimes I asked about going to a 4800mah pack from the stock 1800mah pack and the guy said it would only get me one or two more min of run time. as an electrical eng this doesn't make sense but I have seen other times when real life didn't follow theory so I thought I would ask. he also recommended against a four battery charger saying they were all junk?

Any recommendations or insight is welcome.

Roy Andrews