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newbie with a plan
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Thread: newbie with a plan

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    newbie with a plan

    Hi my name is jimmer. I just bought a hpi blitz. I plan to get into short course racing this summer. I have built a ax-10 scorpion from a kit. I loved it and plan to do again. other than that I o't much about them. I do have a 92 toyota pick up on 35's. I put the solid axel in the front my self. that will get u started. from my reading I think I did good going with the blitz over the sc10 and deffently the slash.

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    its all what you like i love my slash and i race it i love the durability of it the sc10 is more of a racer and the blitz has both racing and bashing its just what you like to do there is always a point where you can upgrade and get the best of both worlds of racing and bashing! welcome to the forum!
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    awesome man well welcome to forum and good luck with ur blitz
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    Not the only "NEWB" here. Welcome

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    The blitz is awesome as a track truck. Good pick man. I think you'll find it becomes more your own truck then just a Blitz but that's just this guys opinion.

    EDIT forgot proper introductions, Welcome!
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    Welcome to the forums

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