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Whats up from Daytona Beach!
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Thread: Whats up from Daytona Beach!

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    Cool Whats up from Daytona Beach!

    Found this website/forum searchin through vids of traxxas RC. I found that you guys are very informative which is quite helpful since i'm pretty much a noob. Back in the day i had a few nitro cars but after about a year and too much money I got burned out. I've been wanting to get back into RC ever since I saw the new rustler VXL. After about a year or 2 I finally broke down,got the truck,charger and Lipo. Well I've been bit again by the RC bug and now I'm back at it full bore. A week later I went back and got the Ken Block edition fiesta. Man after all these years I'm glad the electric RC cars are gettin the respect they deserve. Thank God someone got it right and Traxxas hit it right on the head... Well enough of my rambling. My name is Matt,27,I'm from Daytona,Fl,I own a Machine shop/Kart racing shop,Married,Bout to have a baby any day now and most importantly I'm a RC Junkie. I look forward to chatin with ya'll and hopefully i might be able to help out in some way. Thanks again for the vids and its cool to find a forum with laid back people willing to help a new guy out and not makin him feel stupid for asking legitimate questions.

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    that was an informative intro, I have the vxl rusty too and love it. people just flip out when I ride a wheelie down a parking lot. dont think I whould like the fiesta bcause I like to ramp and bash. Have you heard of tree humping? If not look it up on youtube, make sure you put rc in the search or you never know what you will see. My rusty flips really nice on trees. Anyway welcome aboard!

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