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HEY DUDES! fellow rc videographer! 1/5scale MADNESS
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Thread: HEY DUDES! fellow rc videographer! 1/5scale MADNESS

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    Cool HEY DUDES! fellow rc videographer! 1/5scale MADNESS

    HEY guys!

    it's kpopRC! i love the rcnightmare video series, have been subbed for a while! to bad i missed the rx8 combo
    on ebay!!

    anyways! i figured you dudes would like my 1/5 scale videos. among other clips of my projects!

    right now in my stable i have

    hpi baja 5t
    losi 8ight e 1.0 < needs new speed control
    losi mini sct < needs 3 cell lipo! ha

    here's my cottage bash

    here's the bmx bash

    i have 13 videos.. so check out my channel here

    SUBscribe! i am 6 away from 300 subscribers!

    glad to be a part of the community!


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    Sep 2010
    Dude, welcome aboard and thanks for sharing the videos!!! 1/5 scale is amazing

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    Jul 2011
    DeLand Fla
    Welcome to the Madness! Great vids,Gotta love 1/5 scale!
    You could say I'm an ADDiCT!

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    thanks guys! for the warm welcome!

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