Well, Here it is boys and girls,children of all ages...The Birth of a new videographer is among you.Now I know I have a looong way to go but I'm truley interested/inspired by all of you guys filming and video uploads and what not,So I say f-it You only live once right? I'll pay off these cc's one day,lol. I've been talking with the wife for a couple weeks now about wanting to start my own video series of my own RC adventures.I found a decent deal on ebay Well I think its a decent deal. I may have been able to find something a lil better but I like everything that came with this camera.

Ok,Are ya ready for it? I got a Sony - HDR-CX160.This will be my first Camcorder besides the lame o phone recorder.I'll be keeping an eye out for a Go Pro also.I wanna get some footage from behind the wheel. I think that's too much.

I know absolutely nothing about editing.Hopefully soon I can get up to speed and pump out some killer vids.It may be awhile before my first one come out,but hopefully it will be a good one.

Thanks for taking the time to read all of this.I don't reply to every thread I see and when I do have something to say,sometimes it becomes sorta lenghty,lol. Anywho Here's what I got from eBay for $450.00USD shipped to the cribo,I checked around at other auctions and it seemed like a good start.

Sony - HDR-CX160 Handycam Full HD Black 16GB Camcorder w/ 30x Optical Zoom


Zeikos - NP-FV70 3600 mAh Battery

Zeikos - 37mm UV, Polarizer & FLD Deluxe Filter kit set of 3+carrying case

DigPro - Compact Camcorder / Digital Camera Deluxe Carrying Case

Zeikos - 3pc. Lens Cleaning Kit

Sandisk - 16 GB Ultra Secure Digital { SDHC } Memory Card 15MB/S

Zeikos - Flexible Mini Table-top Tripod

Zeikos - Digital Camera and Camcorder Screen Protectors