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hello frow west australia
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Thread: hello frow west australia

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    hello frow west australia

    hi my names jack and i have never had a rc car i have become a member on this website to get advice on what sort of car i should get.

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    Sep 2010
    well you're going to have to tell us a little more about what you are looking for....

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    Jan 2012
    Racine, WI.
    g'day mate everyone here is plenty helpful just let us know what you plan to do with your rc and what style you like best(or should I say want first) and we will give you our thoughts. Its a beautiful contry you live in, Australia is somewhere I plan to go someday I wanna take a walk about for a week or two!

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    Jan 2012
    not sure what exactly your lookin for or the price range but if your lookin for something to play around with go with traxxas you cant go wrong with them

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