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New from Texas
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Thread: New from Texas

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    New from Texas

    New to the forum but not so much to Traxxas, I've had my slash since about 2008 I love it and shortly after bought the Velineon brushless for it. Well this week I decided to get a 3S 11.1 V 5000mah lipo. Only thing is after charging it the battery doesn't seem that fast I don't really notice a difference in it and my old 7 cell NIMH battery. I was expecting like the Youtube videos and instant wheelies and 50 mph. Is it possible it got charged on a setting that doesn't give full power? It was on a Traxxas EZ Peak charger and it was set to 3S lipo on the charger.
    Took a video for a speed reference

    I'm just disappointed all this money spent and the thing is still slow it seems. Anyone know what the problem could be? It is running 23/86 gearing by the way.

    Sorry that I just joined and already asking a lot of questions and for help. I figured this would be the best place to get help.

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    Battery might not be charged all the way but t is only 10mph faster pretty much with the lipo than your nimh. Change your gearing to 31/76 and it should give you 60mph plus i think. New to it habit says that in my traxxas book. Check traxxas forum for some stuff too they have a bunch of stuff. I don't know anything about lipos either sorry.

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    I forgot I had posted this here. I had figured it out shortly after. It was my slipper clutch nut was loose. After tightening it down it does instant wheelies and the speed is insane difference. I absolutely love this truck even more now.

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