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Thought I'D never find one
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Thread: Thought I'D never find one

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    Thought I'D never find one

    Hello My name is Josh, from East Missouri just south of St Louis and been into RC since The 80s but always off road. Used to race electric but now just like to do light bashing. I am fortunate to have cool neighbors with a small 4wheeler track thats actually more rc sized anyway my most memorable rc was the jay hasley style rc10 (pre stealth and short arms) that I upgraded to a worlds car except long shock rpm front suspension. Decided to get back into RC but AGAIN (Like 5th time) so had wanted a Mad Force Kruiser VE forever but got where I didnt think I would find one and along came that little Savage XS Flux and its a steal with those electronics (my opinion) so figure cant go wrong but it didnt keep me happy so decided to search the web and after a couple months got me A Brand spanking new Kruiser VE! Now I have a unigue plan on body and graphics but I will wait until I get body to explain but body is the HPI 1979 Ford Truck (think it will "fit"?) though I thought about supercab but that wont work only other idea is Pro Line 70 C10 but would rather go with first choice. Here are my Trucks but Savage (except electrics) may go soon.
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    Well my hpi 79 ford has already been shipped and picking up blue paint (hint) yanked the receiver and esc out of the XS but motor is in there GOOD! Glad I may be getting rid of it tomorrow since it is a pain to work on compared to anything else I have owned. So do I drill holes in body after paint (been so long) imagine I can track down a drill and right size bitt. What do you all think about HPI?

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