Been in r/c since 1984.My 1st one was a Tamiya Hornet.Had a few others then went to nitro.I had several over the yrs.Still have questions though.My most current is an on road 2.5 4-tec.I really miss my Jato 3.3,that was the funnest i think i ever had.I found the perfect gear ratio for that thing.Tower Hobbies discontude it,it was a set RRP 20T c/b i think or 18,idk i still have it.And a 46T s/g again not positive.Anyway i found that,that c/b meshed with a revo spur (same pitch) i bought a 38T Revo spur,WOW that thing was falling apart fast! Not much for low end but good lord,my current 4-tec 25 and my previous 3.3 tec didn't stand a chance.I saw that tower discontinude it so i hung on to it.I then bought a 36T revo s/g and thought it's really gonna be fast.It was to small lol.39 was it as far as the engine mount allowed to slide the engine as far back as it would go.Sorry about the spelling,certainly not 1 of my strong points.4 003.JPG