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New to the RC
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Thread: New to the RC

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    Talking New to the RC

    Hi all

    I am very new to Rc, and i am looking to get more involved in it. The only Rc's i have driven are my dads Team associated Rc10 t2 and t4. My dad has hooked my on this hobby. So he told me to look around and find a car i liked. He also told me that i would be doing all the maintenance on the car and not to spend more the $350. So I am looking at buy a ready-to-run Team Associated Rc10 T4.1 Brushless. I was wondering if i can get some opinions on this car, or if there is another Brushless Trucks any one could recommend to me that would be great.

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    Associated makes great RTRs. I have an B4RS RTR. 5 years old in a few weeks here. Mine was before they made brushless version. Heavily modded now, almost nothing is stock. The Mamba Brushless that is in there is insane.

    The T4 is a very good choice as far a Stadium Trucks go. I'd recommend that one. You can get others (Rustler VXL, E-FireStorm) but they are more pricey, $300+. Whereas the T4.1 Bushless RTR is $250.

    As for being brushless, if you find one you like that isn't brushless, it's not like you can always just buy a brushless combo after

    The stock brushless are fine, but Im very glad I saved up for a Mamba.
    B4 Mamba. 'Nuf said.
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