hey everyone....i just got into this stuff last month.....i was eating at mcdonalds and i look out the window and i see a hobby town usa....im thinking to myself its been 15+ years since i walked into a hobby store so i felt a little froggy and walked in afterwards....i was shocked at how much the rc stuff had changed since so long ago....the guys there were pretty knowledgable and sorta gave me a crash course on the new stuff......in fact the way he was talking about it was like this stuff is a POWER TOY....aka lots of get up and go and recommended me some stuff....they didnt have anything i liked in the store right away but he said he will have some stuff in a few days.....and then the e revo brushless appeared...i dont think i had that thing going for 15 minutes before i burnt up my first spur gear.....lots and lots of fun though

so now i just ordered a bunch of stuff for it and patiently waiting for it to arrive...if anybody could give my any tips and tricks and upgrades, i would be most appreciated...Thanks!!!

Brushless E revo
steel drive shafts, cvd
robinson racing gears
rpm suspension

still havent recieved any of it but i hope i can put it together right!!
im a new to all this stuff