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brand new
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Thread: brand new

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    Talking brand new

    hey capnasty brand spanking new to all this rc stuff...i was eating at mcd and saw a hobby town thinking to myself its been 15+ years since i have messed around with rc so i was feeling a little froggy and walked in afterwards....i was shocked at how much the game changed since ive been out....the guys there gave me a crash course on the new stuff and the way they talked about it was like BE CAREFUL....VERY POWERFUL TOYS HERE...well now that i stuck my hand in the cookie jar i walked out with a brushless erevo....i powered that thing up and for 15 minutes i was lost at how amazingly powerful this stuff is....i couldnt even hammer down on the trigger!! well 15 minutes later i burned up my first spur gear and blew up a tire....after that i started surfing on line for bash proof i have a whole buncha stuff on order....steel driveshafts, cvd, robinson racing gears, rpm suspension arms,kershaw designs lcg chassis and im still waiting for it to come in....ive cruised this website and thorougly enjoy the videos you make...very helpful, thanks alot fellas!!!!

    If anybody could share with me any tips, tricks and upgrades for the brushless erevo i would greatly appreciate it and look forward to trying to help others out with what little i know

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    Hello. I am no brushless guru or anything. I am newer as well but have the summit. It has the same chassis. It sounds like you are headed in the right direction. You prob want some aluminum body mounts for those big brushless high speed spills. I have flipped my tankbof a.summit fast slow over and over. It finally let go on a bad crash and i bought a set of front and back aluminum ones for 33 bucks. Was a smoking deal i though; just gotta wait for them and all my other stuff to show up. Good luck and have fun.

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