Hello everyone

I hope to have a great time on this forum, never done this before but this I just couldn't let slip though my fingers. Just seemed like a great chance to meet new RC lovers/fans with which I can exchange info and tips

I am a very easy going person so please don't take me seriously when I talk gibberish hehe

I just bought an Axial Wraith and I am planning to upgrade her into a ''crawlerish'' direction, as I am very new to RC, I was hoping I could ask for some tips and tricks to do so, my main goal with my Wraith is to get is to have a very slow top speed but an insane amount of torque, I like the battery where it is, behind the seats, very accessible and easy to remove and put back in. (I say so because on just about every video the battery get moved) haha

Anyway, I am open to any tips,tricks, help and info that anyone wants to share with me
I hope you all have a good day and blessed be
All the best
Regards from Switzerland