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Hello from So Cal
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Thread: Hello from So Cal

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    Hello from So Cal

    My name is Jerry end game has been my user name for years on many platforms but for here you can if you please call me Jerry.
    First it is time to get back into the sport I have always loved racing cars and trucks oh and B-hydro's but family and the way things got back then made me leave the great times there was racing and building but seems the children or should I say the adults acting like such made me leave.

    Now I want to come back and see and learn all the great new innovations that have become standard now and only was a dream back then..
    It is hard to even think it has been over 20 years since I have raced or even designed a new car set up or make a new frame with what we called kick up graphite back then. And from what is out there the graphite now cost more but is not as good as then but I hope I can find that great really stiff stuff out there.

    I raced the Optima Mid 4w stock class in ROAR got a couple of Trophy's but my love was open 4W and open 2w Truck back then they did not have 4w truck I had a Losi Truck with my own frame and kyosho Mid stretched using a JG frame and other upgrades like shock towers and shocks back then ASC was the only good race shock in town to use kyosho shocks were a joke at best but they looked cool and a bullet alum motor heat sink that made it a very stable and fast buggy.
    Oh yeah back then we had only 1300 or I think 1700 mah tops and used 7 cells not 6.And Lipos were only a thought also but were very unstable and very expensive and not legal.

    When I left I was so mad I handed this kid my 300 dollar brand new Jay Halsey TQ10 with a stealth tyranny and just left and if any of you knew then about the special black gears we used and how hard it was to build it,anyway it was a sad time but now after almost dieing from colon cancer and the man above gave me another chance I will get everything I can and do all I have wanted to do and give it my all.
    And I want to race a build again hope to hear from some of you and maybe set up a meet so I can get to know the local racers here and the great talent out there to help me learn the sport again.
    Thanks Jerry

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    So Cal
    welcome to the forum and welcome back to the hobby
    respect your elders. we've been around longer and done more stupid things than you, therefore we're smarter

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