Hope everyone is doing good! well let me introduce myself my name is Enrique but u can call me Ricky I have loved RC cars since I was a kid back in 93 I had like 8 toy grade cars, loved them to death! took great care of them then I saw that my cousin had a Hobby grade RC truck but I didn't knew that at the time so we played with it just like another RC we broke it till no end lol but with super glue all was fine again lol!! then in 05 ish maybe late 04 I got my first nitro RC, was an old old ofna car it was all plastic, didn't know how it lasted that long time but it did I abuse it a lot, had a Futaba AM radio for it lol really old stuff then I got an electric tuck played with it a lot, then got an HPI monster truck with a SS motor really huge didn't use it much, I got it from a friend and it had some broken parts but it was fun while it lasted, then got my last nitro ready to run don't remember the name of it but it was pretty nice, run into another car that cross me while we were racing didn't had time to move on time so it broke part of the front suspension on impact.

Then I was planning to fix it but I wasn't motivated to keep going at it so I left the hobby but now after many years I was watching some videos that I found by accident and doing some re search its really refreshing to see how this community has grown and all the great videos and channels on YouTube really has got me motivated to get back in the hobby, I'm planing to start on a drift car soon as my first project have done some re search and some friends have recommended me an HPI SPRINT 2 or a TEH-R31 chassis, that's my plan for now also trying to get my best friend into it so we can work on stuff together, so its a pleasure to be back in the community hope to keep learning and making new friends take care everyone and will be awesome to see what cars u guys have so if you want to leave some pics of ur rides feel free ah and btw Im from Puerto Rico peace!